We are a family-owned busniess,operating from our home in Middelburg, Mpumalanga. We do laser cutting, embroidery t-shIrt printign and all gifting.

Linda Putter, the brain, heart and soul of the business handles all creative and lser aspects of gifting. Eunice, handles all embroidery and all things needle and thread. Charmaine does admin and t-shirt printing. Veronica is general assistant in all areas when not in school.




It has always been a dream & a passion  for the family to share their creative talents. With  the sudden passing of her husband in 2016, it became aparrent to Linda that life is short and appreciating one another should be a number one priority. Thus Gifts a Plenty was created. The everlasting love between them is an inspiration for gifting and celebrations.




A butterfly reminds us of passed love one how they may be in a different place but can still be with us. Our logo reminds us every day that love can withstand anything.. Every gift you give should be unique and from the heart. Therefore the butterfly is the perfect logo, Each one is unique and elegant.

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